In the Art of Foto gallery you can buy photographic paper, film and chemistry for analogue processes and order darkroom equipment. 

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Address: Bolshaya Konushennaya, 1. St. Petersburg, 191186, Russia



Heiland electronic GmbH

High quality products for traditional, silver-based photography:
Densitometers, LED cold light source, Splitgrade, TAS film processor, Safelight.

Kienzle Phototechnik

Enlargers, Enlarger tables, Easels, Archival paper and film washers, Drying press and other darkroom accessories.

RH designs

Intelligent Darkroom Tools - designed by photographers for photographers.
Enlarger timers, Enlarging exposure meters and accessories for the photographic darkroom, thoughtfully designed and built with care.


Books, albums, photobooks, catalogues