Fine art landscape photography is ambivalent exactly as much as nature itself that it represents. The simplicity of the plot and classical composition doesn’t exclude the complicated internal drama and the great perception. Abstract forms and clear constructions consist of the same lines. The contrasts, the tone composition and the light solutions have been created from the predictable game of black and white. The main idea of understanding is a synthesis between the artistic content and the technical realization. The complexity becomes easy what is got you. These opposite parts are complete each other. And this collaboration is a perfect instrument for the artist.

Only analog photography like a sculpture and fine art have enough possibilities for artistic representation. The analog processes are an instrument of deep expression. Every part of the photography making process directly affects the final image. Photographer gets a visualization before he is pressing the shutter button. And in this case, already in process, he knows how will be making a print of this photography. So it is important to correctly measure the exposure, to correctly make a shot, to correctly develop film and to make a print by hand. This is not by the standard. As the photographer wants and sees. This is not a reproduction, but an interpretation of the reality that he lived and felt.

The shooting of landscape photography technically is an incredibly difficult process. Especially the theme of mountains when the nature of the locations and the shooting conditions are unpredictable. You have limited time and opportunities. It demands high skills, experience and professional camera skills. And mountains, a free element that expects from you the determination and readiness for everything.

A group of Russian climbers went to Pakistan in August of 2019 for 5 weeks. There were 3 difficult primaries 5780, 5820 and 6080 meters in the mountains of Khane Valley. Among the participants of the expedition — two photographers Anton Ivanov and Konstantin Markevich.

Konstantin Markevich

He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. A member of the Union of Moscow Architects since 2015. Master of sports in climbing, winner of the championships of Russia in different classes. Owner of the badge «Salvation in the Mountains». The best climber of Moscow 2013, 2014, 2017. The participant and the head of many expeditions and the first ascents in the Caucasus, Tien Shan, Pamir and Karakorum.


Classical Photography Gallery, 2020, Moscow

Anton Ivanov

He has been engaged in medium and large format black and white film photography for more than 15 years. Participated in the masterclasses in hand printing and toning in Germany at Heiland electronic and Moersch Photochemie, as well as in a master class by John Sexton (USA) Black and White Fine Art Printing. The member of the photo expeditions “Journey to Russia” (2013) and “Disappearing Tribes” (Indonesia, New Guinea, 2017). Twice he climbed Elbrus and a large-format film camera (13×18 cm).


Moscow International Photographic Salon, 2014, 2015

«Manifestation», St. Petersburg, 2014

«Schwartz-Weiss-Foto», Hanau, Germany, 2016

«Fotovintage» photo fair, Paris, France, 2016

«Aganta Lou Lume», St. Petersburg, 2017

«Art collection d ‘argent», Chateau Vignelaure, France, 2018

«Mysteries of Russian Landscapes», SIRIUS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2018

«Russian Landscape», Museum of Russian Photography, Kolomna, 2019

Personal exhibition «Elbrus. Two mountains», 2019