Lorenzo Uccellini – Inner Kaos

On «Inner kaos»
This year (2019) is the 20th Anniversary of the production as well as the very first exhibition of the book titled «Inner Kaos (ab avo)» in Urbino (Italy) that took place in 1999. “Inner Kaos” is the second book of the trilogy “The Journey”. The whole trilogy is a concept project about the so called ‘the hero journey’ that has its roots on the mithologic archetypes connected with the psychological concept of ‘universal unconscious’ by C.G. Jung.
One year after the book was published, in 2000, publisher Enrico Moretti owner of Moretti & Vitali decided to print and publish the book within the serie “Shapes of imagination”. The eminent art critic Arturo Schwarz , also published by Moretti, wanted to meet Lorenzo and then personally decided to present the book in Milan in a solo show at Spazio Studio owned by poetess Patrizia Gioia. Also in 2000, Moretti&Vitaly provided others solo shows for “Inner Kaos”; one at the international book fair at Lingotto in Turin and one at Villa Reale in Monza.

On Lorenzo
Lorenzo began taking photos around middle ‘90s lead by inner emotions as well as comparative
study of psychology, mithology and alchemy, which means and shapes were integrated into
images by the photographic instrument. He always prefers to complete his photographic works
with lyric components.
Thanks to his mentor Frank Dituri (NYC), Lorenzo was able to meet and collaborate with
international photographers and curators from whom he learned both photographic and
professional skills. Thus, famous American printer Jim Megargee taught Lorenzo the fine art of
printing techniques and methods.
Known until 2015 under family name Di Loreto, Lorenzo Uccellini has been presented by critics,
curators and historians including Arturo Schwarz, Naomi Rosenblum, Joan Powers, Marina
Jinkarakyan, Andrey Martynov, Lanfranco Colombo and Ludovico Pratesi.
Lorenzo’s photographs have been published and reviewed in several books art catalogs, in Italy
and abroad and can be found in both private and public collection, such as Museo nazionale della
Fotografia in Brescia (Italy), the State Art Museum in Novosibirsk (Russia) and the Spazio Nobili in
Montelabbate (Italy).
After a long pause for reflection, in 2010 Lorenzo started his personal artistic process again also
collaborating as curator and project manager on various international art events and publications.
He also launched a small publishing company mostly involved in multimedia: “Normandy” (an
iBook for Apple platform) have been prized as best iBook of 2014 and also been used for 6
Months as demo for the application iBook inside all iPad and iMac in every official Apple store of
During this experience Lorenzo becomes close friend with international curator Andrey Martynov
(RU) with whose support in May 2018 Lorenzo created and started THE BID ART SPACE an
international centre for arts in Pesaro, Italy, his born town. www.the-bid.org
Since the beginning of his art activity Lorenzo payed great attention to poems and lyrics that he
likes to use as part of Photographic project and as stand-alone works too.
In 2018 he created Alina, a cross-media project for which Lorenzo also written a lyric and music
for a song (Spasibo Cowboy) that has been finally used by professional musicians Dany Russo as
bonus track in his last album.
Lorenzo’s feeling about photography:
“From the words by Duane Michaels that says that there are two different types of photographers:
those whose subject is in front of the lens and those whose subject is behind the camera, me too
as the great American photographer belong to this second kind”