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LED cold light source

Replace the current light source of your enlarger with a long-term stable modern LED panel light. Individual adaptation is supplied by Heiland electronic.

Using LEDs with the primary colors red, green, and blue allows controlling white light for focusing, as well as controlling any color separately. Even mixed light consisting of green and blue is possible. The luminous colors are adjusted for multigrade paper and deviate at most +/-2 nanometers from the specified wavelength.

Precise switching on and off is easily possible even without a shutter. Gradation and intensity can be adjusted reproducibly.

Here you can see a short video clip about the principle of how our LED cold light source replaces the halogen lamp and filters in the enlarger.

An overview of the benefits:

  • Full contrast control of gradation 00 … 5
  • No light drift: stable light from 0.1 seconds on guarantees reproducible enlargement
  • No fan: enlargement without vibration, noise, or dispersion of dust
  • No heating of the negative, which prevents focus shift
  • Easier positioning of paper and tools for dodging due to an integrated red light
  • Extremely exposure- effective — allows significantly shorter exposure times than halogen light
  • Variable exposure intensity for different magnification scales
  • Replacing lamps is no longer necessary
  • White light facilitates focusing
  • Even illumination up to the corners
  • Ideal solution for archives – no thermal strain of glass-plate negatives
  • Long-living, solid metal construction

Video about LED cold light source

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