By means of precise measurement of the optical density, the exposure and development of film and paper can quickly be optimized.

Additionally, the monitoring of technical processes of transparent materials is very easy since thickness and optical density correlate. Measurements up to 6 logD (<1/1000000 transmittance) can be reliably determined with special models of our devices.

Devices by Heiland electronic usually work monochromatically within the visual spectrum and can be individually adjusted according to their task.

Why use a densitometer?

Please refer to a text of Rodney Bates, FirstCall photographic LTD.

An overview of the benefits:

  • The quality of your negatives will be greatly improved by targeted corrections of exposure and development
  • Any film-developer combination will be optimized quickly and safely
  • Examination of materials and processes is also possible during enlargement
  • Quick process control for development of X-ray film and microfilm
  • Calibration of monochromatic inkjet printers for FineArt prints
  • Precise and long-term stable measurements due to solid metal construction
  • Low base price due to a modular equipment concept
  • Optional device configuration allows adjustment for a large variety of tasks
  • Compact design – also ideal for mobile use

Video about Heiland Electronic Densitometer

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