Heiland electronic GmbH

Heiland electronic was founded in 1988 and since that time we have been continuously designing and manufacturing products for traditional, silver-based black & white photography in Wetzlar, Germany.

Our senior, Wilhelm Heiland, was committed to the creation of valuable and easy-to-use products such as our well known TRD-2 densitometer. Until his sudden death in 2003, his impact was further felt in the development of products such as our popular SPLITGRADE system.

With the advent of digital photography many photographers were worried that the end of traditional, silver-based photography was near, but we at Heiland electronic have kept on designing innovative products for the wonderful artistic work which is done with film and photographic paper. So we have introduced new and imaginative products to the market such as the TAS film processor and the LED cold light source.

We, at Heiland electronic, are sincerely committed to continue innovating and engineering new products, and to manufacture, sell and service all the products in our existing range. We are your partner in traditional, silver-based photography. Our high-quality products are made to support you. We count on your support, too.

The City of Wetzlar has for the last 150 years synonymous with superb optics and high quality instruments. Latterly carefully designed and build modern electronic instrumentation too has taken its place alongside these more traditional products.
The experienced specialists at Heiland electronic are committed to this tradition and are proud to live and work in this community of Wetzlar.

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